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‘As a triathlete Claire helped me for both preparation and recovery for my first ironman. With her knowledge and skills she helped me become more flexible which then made me be able to perform much better, and gave me more confidence for the event. Ironman is a long distance demanding event and I found that after, I had muscle aches in my back for a couple of weeks which was starting to become quite frustrating, Claire located the problem and was able to take the aching away straight away! She has helped me enormously which gave me much more confidence coming into events. I would highly recommend her for any sporting event to help you feel better than you ever had going into it! ‘
Personal Trainer, Triathlete and Ironman finisher

“During and post ironman training I have been fortunate enough to have been able to call upon Claire’s expertise to overcome a shoulder injury. Her knowledge and technique have been invaluable. I would not hesitate to recommend Claire to other athletes”
Endurance Runner, Triathlete and Ironman Finisher


“Claire’s skill as a sports therapist has proved invaluable to me. Her in depth knowledge of physiology means she can help keep me fit to train. Because she is an athlete herself she understands what is needed and explains it in a way I can understand. I highly recommended her to anyone who is serious about athletic achievement”
10 x Ironman Finisher &  English Channel Swimmer

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If you have any questions about sports massage and would like to talk about arranging a session please feel free to contact me.

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